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Automated Outdoor Insect Control

For all that you have put into your home and yard, you should not have to be at the mercy of annoying insects and their painful bites. Fortunately, you won't with Mosquito Mist Systems... the revolutionary automatic insect mist system that effectively eliminates mosquitoes and other biting insects from your yard.

Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC
Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC

How It Works

Mosquito Mist Systems can transform your yard into a safe zone without extra hassle on your part. Virtually disappearing into your landscape, our system sprays a very fine mist of our botanical insecticide through nozzles that are installed around the perimeter of your property. The mist settles into the landscaping, killing any mosquito that it comes into contact with. Our systems can also control other unwanted insects, like spiders, flies, gnats and no-see-ums.

The Controller

The controller is the brains of the operation. It's housed in a weatherproof enclosure, and features an easy-to-use digital display for basic control. The electronic controller is programmed to automatically initiate a 30 - 60 second mosquito-killing mist around dawn and again at dusk, when the mosquitoes are most active and other beneficial insects - like bees and butterflies - are not.

Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC
Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC

Remote Flexibility

The mosquito Misting system works automatically with or without the provided handheld remote control for worry free mosquito control. Additional mist, stop mist and skip next mist are features of the handheld remote.

The latest innovation from MistAway Systems, iMist™ is a wireless monitoring and management solution for your mosquito spray system.

24/7 Online Monitoring by Mosquito Mist Systems

With iMist™ , Mosquito Mist Systems will have complete visibility into the status of your mosquito mist system. And with that visibility comes superior service. With real-time information available over the internet, Mosquito Mist Systems will be able to monitor the volume of solution remaining in the unit and make sure you never run out of juice. And, you won’t have to call us to notify the yard service cut the lines and shut down the system. With iMist™ , we will know immediately and be able to promptly dispatch a technician to get your system back online.

. . . And a Smartphone App for You!

iMist™ can also be controlled with a smartphone app that allows you to trigger a remote mist, change the system mode, and quickly contact Mosquito Mist Systems.

Backpack Pest Control

Mosquitoes don’t stand a chance with a backpack misting or TotalFog service from Mosquito Mist systems, and you can start enjoying your yard again. Our effective and convenient treatments offer a solution for insect control that everyone can afford. Schedule routine treatments on a monthly basis, or call our experts in to service your one-time special event. Whatever your pest control needs may be, our expert insect-fighting staff will only recommend the solution that most effectively serves your individual situation.

Our backpack spray services utilize fast-acting botanical insecticides to kill and repel any pest that come in contact with it. Our treatment options include:

Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC

Monthly Backpack Misting Service

Eliminate your home's mosquito problem with regular monthly treatments, designed to create a barrier around your properly and protect it for weeks to come. Shortly following treatment, family members and pets should be free to enjoy your newly protected yard, and without a chemical odor lingering around.

Special Event Backpack Misting Service

Perfect for weddings, barbecues, cookouts, family reunions, birthday parties and other outdoor gatherings, our single time treatment can ensure your guest will remain comfortable and pest free.

Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC

Pest Control

Many common household pests can pose serious concerns and health risks to your family due to their ability to bite, sting, chew, and carry diseases (such as mosquitoes, fire ants, cockroaches and mice). In addition to being a nuisance, these pests can cause a significant amount of damage to your home. It is important to fully understand the dangers stemming from these types of infestations and how best to protect your home and family.

Mosquito Mist Systems provides a professional pest control service to protect your family's health and property while caring for our environment. Our highly skilled technicians use the most advanced products on the market to make sure your pest problem is completely resolved.

Outdoor Cooling Systems

Mosquito Mist Systems is making is making a cool impression at home, achieving unprecedented outdoor comfort – cool, DRY, and comfortable. Imagine your outdoors 25˚ cooler, the air more pure, and insect free. Welcome to your “Comfort Zone.”

Our cooling systems are engineered for HOT and HUMID climates, utilizing only “marine grade” componentry. The combination of our high pressure pumps & ultra fine Mister Jets instantly evaporates moisture, significantly reducing outdoor temperatures up to 25˚ . No refrigeration of Freon required. Tailored to suit your life, our Outdoor Comfort System can be flush mounted into wood & stucco ceilings, awnings, tiki huts, landscaping, pools, patio ceilings, docks, tennis courts – you name it!

Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC
Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC

Misting Fans

The MistFan is designed for locations that those steamy days haunt your day dreams. We utilize a fan that is equipped with a stainless steel mist ring. We can adjust the water flow from a .003 orifice up to a .02 orifice. So no matter how much or how little water you want to feel on your back patio or commercial location, we have the product for you.

Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC

Privacy Mist

With our custom designed privacy mist system, you can enjoy the privacy of your pool/backyard area anytime. This is a great option for people who have pool areas or backyards that are visible to others. At the simple press of a button, cool refreshing mist will provide you privacy anytime of the day or night.

Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC

Mistscaping and Pool Fog

Mistscaping and Pool Fog Mistscaping are trendy features that can be added to virtually any waterfall, water grotto or pool area. Integrating several large misting nozzles into your existing landscaping or built into the coping of your pool, Mosquito Mist Systems can create a “fog effect” in any location. Combined with fiber optic lighting, this can be the ultimate enhancement of your outdoor area. And we can always add the Vegas style “mist curtain” to any of the systems that we offer. These can be flush mounted into wood and stucco ceilings, awnings, tiki huts, landscaping, pools, patio ceilings, docks, tennis courts.

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Mosquito Mist Systems, LLC